Our Story

At MPL Nutrition our core mission is creating sports nutrition products that deliver superior results. Plain and simple. No gimmicks. We strive to achieve this using our industry expertise, use of research-proven ingredients, and passionate drive and dedication to innovation.

25 Years of Industry Experience

We have been working in the sports nutrition industry for over twenty-five years. We've witnessed tremendous innovation during this period, but have also seen many over-hyped fads come and go. Customers are often confused by the numerous sports nutrition supplements available. We use our expertise to help sort fact from fiction and create results-driven formulations.

Science-Based Formulations

We only use research-proven key ingredients that have been documented to provide results. Furthermore, we use ingredient dosages supported by clinical studies to ensure product effectiveness.

Innovation and Continuous Evolution

As a smaller company, we are able to adapt and innovate quickly. The sports supplement industry is evolving daily, and so are we. This ensures we keep our formulas cutting-edge and never rest on our laurels.

Passion for Our Work

We get excited about formulating supplements which can help improve athletic performance. That's what drives us. We enjoy the process of researching new ingredients, testing formulations and getting feedback from our customers about what works.


The M, the P and the L

We are often asked what our name, MPL, represents. Truth be told, we never built our company with a strong focus on a catchy name. Our mission of helping athletes achieve "maximum performance" was our focus. So we chose Max Performance Labs as our name. Later down the road we decided this name didn't fully capture the sports nutrition aspect of our brand, so we shortened it to "MPL" and added "Nutrition". Voilà!